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I am open to invitations to contribute to your work through consulting - please get in touch to discuss. Thanks to my wide ranging career - encompassing medicine, research, education, the third sector, and healthcare advocacy - I have developed competence in instigating positive change in challenging situations and in complex organisations.


My strengths and competences in this area, enable me to offer consulting, including in:

  • Integration of compassionate approaches and trauma-informed principles in organisations including healthcare and education

  • Facilitating organisations to increase accessibility and reach to groups who are currently under-served; foregrounding the voices of people who are marginalised 

  • Leading working groups towards policy development and change; negotiating with diverse people with differing perspectives to successfully reach a common goal

  • Increasing understanding and confidence in palliative care, and advising on integration of palliative care principles in organisations

  • Data analysis and interpretation of research findings in context

  • Critical review of academic writing e.g., research proposals and writing for publication, providing robust feedback to support your successful submissions

  • Medical education consultancy e.g., curriculum development or revision, improving organisational culture, and teaching and learning optimisation

  • Review of clinical, research, or patient information materials for accuracy and effectiveness

The organisations I have worked with include:

  • Department of Health and Social Care, United Kingdom Government

  • Department of Work and Pensions, United Kingdom Government

  • Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom

  • Association for Palliative Medicine, United Kingdom and Ireland

  • Centre for the Art of Dying Well, United Kingdom

  • PallCHASE (Palliative Care in Humanitarian Aid Situations and Emergencies), International

  • Patient Led Research Collaborative, International

  • Medical schools, including in United Kingdom, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia

  • Numerous third sector organisations including the British Policy Fellowship

I have developed an international network of effective contacts in public health and healthcare, including palliative care, through global experiences including my Churchill Fellowship.

My fees are negotiable, starting at pro bono work for organisations based in Low and Middle Income Countries and non-profit organisations (depending on circumstances, following discussion).  Please get in contact to discuss further

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