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On this page you will find a list of my peer reviewed publications, academic theses, book chapters, and my other publications.  Publications are also listed on my Google Scholar and ResearchGate profiles.  Separately, I also occasionally post on my blog.

Peer reviewed pubs
Peer reviewed publications

Qureshi SP, Jones D, Dewar A. 2022. Physicians’ Conceptions of the Dying Patient: Scoping Review and Qualitative Content Analysis of the United Kingdom Medical Literature, Qualitative Health Research. 32(12):1881-1896.

Qureshi SP. 2021. Cultural Historical Activity Theory for studying practice-based learning and change in medical education, Advances in Medical Education and Practice. 12:923-935.

Thanprasertsuk S, Jumrustanasan T, Somboonkusolsil L, Khwanjaipanich S, Sukkee J, Watanatada P, Qureshi SP, Bongsebandhu-phubhakdi S. 2021. The concept-sharing approach: a teaching strategy to promote objective-oriented learning and academic performance in medical students, Advances in Physiology Education. 45: 369–375.

Kwankajonwong N, Ongprakobkul C, Qureshi SP, Watanatada P, Thanprasertsuk S, Bongsebandhu-phubhakdi S. 2019. Attitude but not self-evaluated knowledge correlates with academic performance in physiology in Thai medical students, Advances in Physiology Education. 43: 324-331.

Qureshi SP, Rankin K. 2019. Junior-to-junior research interviews as method for clinical practitioner-researchers, Advances in Medical Education and Practice. 10: 127-137.


Qureshi SP, Rankin K, Storrar N, Freeman M. 2018. Preparation for Making Clinical Referrals,  The Clinical Teacher. 15:1-5.

Wongjarupong N, Niyomnaitham D, Vilaisaktipakorn P, Suksiriworaboot T, Qureshi SP, Bongsebandhu-phubhakdi S. 2018. Interactive Laboratory Classes (ILCs) Enhance Neurophysiological Knowledge in Thai Medical Students, Advances in Physiology Education. 42(1):140-145.

Qureshi SP, Jones H, Adamson J, Ogundipe O. 2017. Ageing Simulation for Promoting Empathy in Medical Students, BMJ Simulation Technology and Enhanced Learning.3:79-81.


Qureshi SP. 2015. Teaching Fellowships for UK Foundation Doctors, Medical Teacher, 37, 1:90:91.


Explaining how medical doctors learn about and understand the approach to end-of-life in the workplace

University of Edinburgh, Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree


Functional characterisation of a bacterial potassium channel homologue

University of Aberdeen, Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree


Qureshi SP, Guppy P, Osbourne G, Al-Qurainy R. 2022. Giving remote advice to patient relatives and professional colleagues, Chapter in Challenging Cases in Palliative Care, Oxford University Press, Oxford. (Forthcoming)

Fearnley K, Qureshi SP. Who’s clapping now? UK healthcare workers with long Covid have been abandoned, July 2022. The Guardian newspaper.


Qureshi SP. Protect yourself from Covid at work: 3 facts to know, December 2021. The Association for Palliative Medicine UK and Ireland Trainee newsletter.


Qureshi SP. Why, as a physician, I oppose assisted dying, 28th December 2021. The Herald newspaper.


Qureshi SP. (Untitled) contribution to See One, Do One column, 13th July 2013. BMA News.


Qureshi SP. 2004. What will doctors be doing by 2050?, Essay published on-line by General Medical Council following entry into their 2004 competition.

Academic theses
Academic theses
Chapter in Edited Book
Other publications - not peer reviewed through academic processes
Other pubs
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